Necromancer ideas

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Necromancer ideas

Postby Aowey » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:00 am

Hi everyone, especially hi Zardoz,

I was thinking lately about the necromancer class and how to improve the parts I consider to be a bit underdeveloped right now. I also was thinking about how to not just give them copy paste abilities that already exist but instead tried to come up with some more unique design choices. If you like what you read, take whatever you liked and do with it what you want :)

First of all what I think should be the traids of the necromancer class.
Firstly of course the minions. A true necromancer is nothing without his faithful undead pets. The necromancer minion system isn't quite where I would like it to be - but I also don't complain. Even though I had an idea regarding that.
Secondly I think the bloodmagic is a really great idea. I love the mechanics regarding blood spear. Using your own hp to cast spells adds some cool mechanics to the game. I'd love to have more of that!
And lastly I think necromancers should be (or at least use to be) more potent debuffers. Sigil is a great skill but the rest of the debuffs are more or less useless.
If you totally disagree with all three statements you don't need to read further :)

So all my ideas more or less circle around the bloodmagics because I think they are way cool. My english isn't good enough to provide some cool flavour texts though, so I will just provide some basic descriptions:

Spell: Blood Pact
A buff that improves your minions damage based on how much damage you take in the fight. Could have an initial hp cost or maybe even raise your damage taken by a percentage or sap hp every round/tick. Could replace empower minions what I consider to be less useful than a normal damage spell for multiple reasons.

Spell: Boiling Blood
The standard DoT spell you find in many different games. You cause the blood of your enemy to boil and cause some basic damage over several rounds.

Spell: Blood Mist
The necromancer fills the area with an acidic mist fueled by his/her own blood. Could be an AoE spell for the whole room but costs hp instead of mana.

Spell: Foul Blood
A buff that raises damage taken by a percentage but also provides some kind of reflection shield like fire shield. This one could be really interessting on boss fights. Can you outheal the extra damage your tank takes to ramp up the dps? Or maybe you try to assemble a full caster group and cast foul blood on the boss instead.
But it also could be a nice addition to soloing as well...

Spell: Imp Slave
A small utility spell that lets a lower imp send an item to another player in the mud. Probably even into/out of !portal rooms but with a chance to lose the item in the process.

So yeah I know you don't want champ skill ideas. But you can easily take this as normal skills and scale down the benefits.

Skill: Defiler
A passive skill that raises the potency of your debuffs and/or adds some side affects to them.
Mute: Causes your enemy to also choke and take suffering damage every round. Might also improve the duration of the spell?
Plague: Further reduces the regeneration rate and also prevents the mob from healing/regenerating over a given percentage of max hp.
Weaken: Adds a chance to a sudden feeling of faintness and thus an attack with only half the strength. This might be a bit to similar to cripple but I didn't come up with a better idea yet.
Black Mantle: If the enemy tries to heal himself he heals the necromancer instead. Improved healing rate with higher skill percentage.
Sigil of the Dead: Adds a further 1% damage for every debuff the mob has. Capping at different percentages based on skill proficiency. I don't expect this to be big numbers, sigil is already quite powerful.

Spell: Blood Rage
A buff that improves spell damage / spell power by a noticeable ammount but you take some damage everytime you cast as well. Maybe even improve the damage boost the lower the necromancers hp are.

So I hope you can take some inspiration out of this ideas. Was mainly just spitballing and I don't expect you to implement any of these. Have fun and a nice weekend.

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