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Mapping the World

Postby Gilgalielia » Mon May 21, 2018 10:33 am

I had a little chat with Sarocyn today about mapping.

It seems that there is a distinct lack of maps for the world. Now many, many moons ago (circa 1992) I ran a big MUD based on TinyMUCK 2.2 code. This was before it branched into fuzzball and GlowMUCK. Like most MUCKs it is based on freeform exits. Kallindor does at least have the benefit of sticking to cardinal points.

But way back in the day, when everybody was building stuff left right and centre, I needed a map to find my way around. Well I wrote one, in plain old C code. In short terms, I would generate a hash of the location name, description and exits and use this as the basis for mapping the movement. It would then create a text file with a character per location (to give a location type city, forest, cave etc. derived from the name/description) and a \/-| spaced out from here to show movement. I'd then take that text map and run it through another program to generate a .tga mapped in 5x5 coloured squares with a border indicating directions of movement.

There of course there are the odd mappings where you get one way routes, and routes which bend and twist back on themselves. These were simply mapped with coloured dots indicating joins. Up and Down directions were simply little white dots in top right (up) and bottom left (down) which went to separate maps.

So what you ended up with was a .tga that displayed the mapped areas quite simply.

The initial map was taken from a Maas-Neotek Robot program called Colin. You may still find the source code for it around the net. But it should be too difficult to map out the movement from in game playing.

So, it kind of gives us a starting point for an automated way of creating maps for areas. I chose .tga at the time because it's a very simple representation. A quick post-processing with Imagemagick or somesuch should be able to convert it and add text overlays as needed.

So over the next few days I'll dust off my old code (if I can find it) and try and get the mapping system up and running. How far will I get? Well that very much depends on the hows and whys of getting the info out of Kallindor. TinyFugue should be able to help a lot with the output (Yes I still use TF for all my mud needs). I suspect I'll end up with a variety of maps for the areas. They probably won't show any of the hidden places because the Exits change when you trigger a hidden exit.

I'll start around Bycross - since I'm low level atm. So all you high level bods can just wait your turn for getting the maps.
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Re: Mapping the World

Postby Tkhar » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:46 am

Here is my current version of Ryloken Outpost. Most of my maps I get into a state where I can use them and then leave it as is but I will flesh these out and post them here if there is a demand for them.

If there is a zone your interested in seeing or anything post below and I'll give it a go. Some big areas I can't get into yet do to aggros that kill me.


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