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Postby anthus » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:38 am

Figured this is more productive than spamming chat with fragments of what I'm thinking.

Divine Retribution is pretty weak. I know that it's not entirely fair to assess a skill with zero training into it, but it's also not fair to expect a class that's almost entirely beholden to grouping to sink hundreds of millions, if not billions, of experience points into a skill hoping that maybe it becomes useful.

The Ugly

-Mana cost. 500 mana for the initial cast provides a 1 tick duration. Against weaker mobs that still drop reasonable gold this allows me to kill one, possibly two mobs, before needing to recast. All this for the benefit of a 115 mana MUTILATE(75 for a Great Healing and 40 for a Spiritual Hammer).

-Given the short duration and volatile nature of these kinds of spells, it's very common that Divine Retribution drops early in a fight. It can't be recast in combat, so I'm stuck casting Spiritual Hammer for its base DISMEMBER damage until the mob is dead.

-DR requires that I be healing myself. My incarnation is rendered worthless, unless I want to waste mana casting redundant healing against myself for the damage boost, so I have to tank which means sacrificing the not insignificant advantage of having a tank available with the dodge ability, who my healing is more effective on anyways.

-In pretty good gear I seem to get 6-8 kills out of running with Divine Retribution before I'm either recalling to regen, or waiting on mana drain procs and hymn to recover. It's faster to just gear as a fighter and spend 15-20 rounds beating targets down in the exp/gold per hour sense.


-This spell could be the counterpart to Divine Intervention. We wouldn't be able to use them both at the same time, so an avatar would have to sacrifice the bonus spellpower, wisdom and improved healing for a damage improvement. No casting over each other, you'd have to wait for one to expire(or dispel it) to swap "modes." Along with this Divine Intervention could be built as the same type of buff as DI, with a 10-12 tick duration and similar/same mana cost.

-Improve Divine Wisdom to include a damage mitigating ability. The same way that Shield of Faith grants paladins the equivalent of shield block, this could grant avatars a dodge or shield block type affect while ungrouped. The intention of DR as of now seems to be to have the avatar tanking targets down, and this goes a long way to making it more tolerable. Personally I don't like charmies, and would rather be punched in the face myself than have to deal with managing a mob that I can't even group without sacrificing experience.

-Count any healing of allies towards the DR buff. This reintroduces the incarnation as a viable tank, or gives us more respectable damage output in groups at the cost of less efficient healing without DI available.

Even taking these ideas into account I'm not sure this is a worthy champion skill, and it might be more fitting as a standard level 55-60 spell. Resurrection sounds situationally useful, but as it stands I doubt it will ever be cast on the mud, simply because the odds of a player getting an avatar to champ 120 and then sinking a huge amount of time into training the ability up is slim and none. If DR were to become a standard spell in the lineup, moving Resurrection to the champ 30 slot would be pretty reasonable and more in-line with what the class is made to do.

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