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Mystic / Knight / Archmage / Avatar

Postby Wizord » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:15 pm

A few critiques on these subclasses.

I was recently informed that damage roll and spell power might be an "either / or " prospect for Mystic. I think that Spell power gear should be used but the items that I considered to be "Mystic items" really are not. IE: There is a helmet from Nogath I believe and a white ring from the Kraken with both spell power and damage roll. To me this was an interesting feature of Mystic. It however, is a considerable debuff, to use Spellpower gear, which typically has less armor class than fighter type gear, AND not to be able to sigil said gear like the other monk subclasses. Already Mystic has the fewest attacks from other monks. I was looking forwards to using some combination Spellpower and Damage roll gear. Maybe mystic is lacking a haste spell?

I have noticed every Knight player has been fleeing the class and rolling up another class for quite some time. This makes me sad. Knights are potentially one of the coolest and most defensive classes in the Mud. I really like the way they potentially do more damage using a shield than not using one even though they lose an attack. I played Sturm a bit to test how running was, and it was fairly slow and wonky. I personally think their skills have been tweaked a bit unfairly. I know "weight" of a shield used to be the deciding factor on how much shield bash did, and it was changed to AC value of shield instead. Which at face value makes sense but even with the highest AC shields we have found in the game , the best I have seen shield bash do is annihilate. It used to DISMEMBER or MUTILATE or OBLIT. I don't remember exactly it has been a long time. Secondarily the autokill feature of skewer was removed or replaced with a higher damage output proc, and thirdly charge was reduced so that it could no longer magically cause an extra mob to spawn. (shake them out of the bushes kind of like in Zelda). Between these three tweaks in my opinion the knight class has been totally decimated and is in need of some Special Zardoz sugar lovins. My theory can be proven by the lack of dedicated Knights who play the game.

I don't have a lot to say about Archmage except that it would be more fun to be able to use Aether Bomb. I know the lag on it was adjusted once more but it still results in far less damage output for me than just spamming arcane missiles, even more so now that I have achieved my fifth missile.

Avatar is very fun in equipment groups however soloing, or even grouping for xp is pretty boring. Most XP groups just need a tiny bit of healing and Avatar heals are pretty overpowering, DPS can get the job done with no healing and a lot faster. The fact that they cannot self heal very well in comparison with how they heal others is part of it but also their damage spells have been tweaked quite a bit down in DPS from their historic levels. The better spells appear to have lag associated with them, and the worse ones are no longer fully able to take advantage of spell power. Harm used to be able to DISMEMBER every once in awhile. Spiritual Hammer DISMEMBERS, but feels laggy, and call lightning MUTILATES if it is raining, and feels laggy. Also, was blind duration lessened? I have had issues using the blind / pacify combination recently, that has resulted in death.

Do you know at what stat level a druid could achieve their fifth fire seed?

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Re: Mystic / Knight / Archmage / Avatar

Postby Zardoz » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:48 pm

The dam/sp gear is for hybrids like ruiners, paladins, etc. When spirit hands is cast you gain damage from sp, without it it is damroll. That's the function of the spell. The lack of ac on sp gear is already addressed by having sp improve their armor-lowering spells. Try to champion one a bit and give me some more feedback, mystics are actually pretty good right now.

Knight's only drawback right now is that SSC need nerfed. Shield bash never did more than OBLIT, I'd be surprised if it even did that under most conditions. No class should have an insta-kill other than assassins. Knights do lack a bit in the fun department, and will probably see a bit of a buff, but the reason people are fleeing them is the scaling of SSC in tanking at high champ levels.

Nobody cool plays archmage so who cares.

I'm kind of tired and avatars are boring so I'll comment on them later.

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Re: Mystic / Knight / Archmage / Avatar

Postby Wizord » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:55 pm


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