Ranger "entangle"

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Ranger "entangle"

Postby ashenone » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:56 pm

Currently ranger entangle is an ugly, buggy skill. It currently functions as a quasi single round stun. The target can switch tanks when used though, so not good for any group/boss situations. Also resets the attack order(from initial). In other words if i start an attack, and get an initial round, then use entangle. I get a round where they dont fight back(usually), then they hit me FIRST coming out of it, also not ideal.

Some thoughts for Entangle, keeping it as entangle. Thoughts after for perhaps a whole new skill to address a couple ranger issues.
1. Pure melee class that cant land auto attacks during boss fights, and many gold mobs to boot.
2. Takes to much damage to solo effectively. If you go hawk for the extra dodge, you sacrifice your damage. I've tested and tested and i actually come out ahead if i go tiger, and kill things quicker with less mana, than trying to go hawk dodge and live longer.... Not optimal.
3. No incoming damage limiter. Stun, cripple, web stun, druid stun, etc. They all provide a group utility AND a solo utility. With no method of lowering stopping incoming damage, i cannot feasibly solo compared to some classes. (i know web stun isn't reliable...)
4. True group utility. Multiple of these ideas are tied together, but outside of being a mana battery or giving big hitters extra damage roll, i do not have group utility.
5. There are other issues, but these seem to be the current main ones.

1. Roots burst through the floor(indoor use also) and wrap around the ankles of victims. Roots/snares them in place lowering their chance to dodge/parry incoming attacks. Could have a darktouch-esq type effect if your looking to add more hitting to one skill.
2. Thorny weeds grow up around your victim, making them take damage until they are cleared away (damages them for attacking(zardoz idea)) Also lowers their chance to dodge/parry incoming attacks.
3. Stun entangle - Plants burst through the floor pulling the victim to the ground, unable to attack for 2 rounds. (Could be a pseudo pin i suppose as well).

NEW Skill Ideas:
1. Touch of nature - Casts a debuff on the enemy. Making them take increased damage from attacks, and lowering their ac.
2. nature shield - provides an aura around the ranger that attacks all enemies in a room, lowering their ac and making them take increased damage from all attacks, or all nature based attacks.
3. Anatomy - Provides chance to critical strike. Due to rangers unique understanding of how living things work,t hey can strike at the vitals of their opponents.
4. Stomp - (almost like an enhanced trip) You stomp your vicitim, knocking them to the ground (with damage) and making them unable to attack, and making your hits unable to be dodged/parried
5. Ambush - This could theoretically be a reason to not use surprise attack any longer! Ambush your enemy with both of your weapons. Could be an enhanced initial round(s), increased damage shots, and decrease chance for them to parry/dodge miss.

Its late and my brain is currently tapped. Please consider, post other thoughts, or take it as troll and move on!.

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Re: Ranger "entangle"

Postby Wizord » Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:50 pm

I think this is pretty well stated. Rangers and some other classes seem to have issues soloing cash moneys compared with other classes. Also rangers seem to have a lack of things to do in battle in big groups. They are great non-battle support but seem to have very little to do in battle, and can't land any attacks without the assistance of another class.


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