Sigil of the damned

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Sigil of the damned

Postby Thael » Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:51 am

Here comes my thought on sigil.

First, I think it should be removed. But many have put very much effort and plat's into sigilling their eq so some kind of compensation is needed. I suggest the following, dont know if this is possible, but anyway:

Create a NPC that when you give him a sigilled eq he takes it and makes a copy and give the unsigilled item + 500plats to the owner. This NPC should only be available during a certain period of time(a week or so), after this all sigilled eq would be destroyed.

So why do I think we need to remove sigil? Well, if we going to make the stats more important(like more damroll on strength, haste on dex and so on), we need to balance that abit. Removing sigil would be a good way to do that. In addition to this I also think that the damroll resin should be lowered from 5000 to 2000qps.

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Re: Sigil of the damned

Postby Sarocyn » Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:05 am

I tend to disagree with removing it all together, but I'm very biased as I probably have the most sigiled gear on any one character with 12 pieces. I spent A LOT of time and energy getting to where I am with that and would be very disappointed if all that went out the window. Damroll doesn't have near the impact on other classes as it does with Assassins and Thieves due to the BS multiplier, so it's not that big of a problem. Assassin's are getting tweaked and I'm finding myself in a difficult position to play even with all my sigiled gear. Also, rarely anyone uses an Assassin or Thief for day to day activities (aside from myself), so let's not give another reason for them not to be played.

I think that the stat loss chance on death could stand to be moved to +3% for each sigil'd item that you are wearing. So if you are wearing 10 sigil'd pieces, you get an additional 30% chance on top of the norm. This alone will make most people think twice about it.

Also, someone had the idea of requiring ingredients to sigil. This could be a good idea as well, but it may be in vain as you rarely see anyone with sigiled gear any more anyway.

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