New Druid spells

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New Druid spells

Postby Thael » Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:22 pm

Here comes a couple of ideas for new druid spells:

Chain healing(Dryad):

Works like Shaman chain healing in WoW. You target let say the tank, and then the heal jumps 2-3 targets and those 2-3 targets are the one with lowest health. Reducing the healing power with each jump.

Chain lightning(champ spell or new dps form spell):

Just a straight aoe damage spell, not depended on weather tho. Maybe add a reduce spell resistance on affected targets.

Some kind of dispel magic spell for druids(champ or maybe for dps form):

On a sidenot, I would like the mana tree to be up a shorter time but give more mana per pulse. So no change in the total mana amount just give it abit faster.


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